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doctor doof is pretty freaking cool

shoutout to scottweebivan or whatever the fuck his name is

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about 30-45 minutes ago some autistic hyperactive compulsive retard beat the fuck out of his dick so god damn hard
he nutted all over his hard drive., frying it and all it's contents instantly, and mangling it's data. thankfully,
not much was on it, as he was running off of a backup drive. the only thing on it was his save file
for Disney's Club Penguin: Eltite Penguin force for the nintendo DS.
however, this was enough to set our hero off and he engulfed into a fit of rage destroying everything around him,
including his actual hard drive which contained all of the data to his latest videos. So he did
the only rational thing he could think of and blame windows for it, uploading this stupid ass video
off of his trusty iphone 5s. he then sent his hard drive to a repair center to find that
there was actually a single file still somehow miraculously saved on it.

so why am i telling you this? well, it just so happens that this certain retard happened to be me, doctor doof,
not to be confused with the guy from that one TV show you people think i like so much for whatever reason, and that
one miraculous file was actually this piece of shit website you see before your very eyes.

so, again, why? why did it save this retarded website and not the cool, creative and hilarious masterpieces featured on
this amazing channel? was it god? the illuminati? his unborn children?
nobody knows. and he doesn't really care enough. probably because he's too captivated by this amazing website holy shit look at it isn't it beautiful??

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DISCLAIMER: doof is not responsible for any suicides done out of self-comparison to me. he is also not responsible for mobile
users, because fuck you get a pc or if you're too poor get a job and then a pc. it's not that hard.

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